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PufferSquad is a collection of 5,555 unique, hand-drawn and 3D-sculpted NFTs created by Fugu Nation.

The PFS art is a communication tool and not just any another NFT.

PFS is a collection of little emotive characters that convey facial expressions and that are decorated with various combinations of traits, colors, and patterns. This will provide holders with a means of communication to express their feelings and emotions. The entire collection contains 10 Puffer skin colors, 40 emotions, and 47 traits comprising 77 various colors, backgrounds, logos, patterns, and birth rights.

All PufferSquad NFTs are in MP4 format residing on the Ethereum Blockchain and stored on IPFS.

PufferSquad NFTs will grant holders access to an exclusive work-to-earn platform hosted on

Holders can also use the platform to voice their opinions and vote on matters regarding the platform. When anyone purchases a PFS NFT, they will have ownership over the intellectual property that is represented in the visuals of their PFS NFT(s). This means that they only have the right to sell merchandise and downloadables on the platform using their NFT(s) again in that very same exact combination of traits and patterns without any sort of alteration. Holders also have the right to use the PFS logo in conjunction with their NFT art on any product being sold on the platform. However, holders are not allowed to use the PFS logo without displaying the art they own.

Some PFS NFTs have a Birth rights trait. (Second Layer of Rarity as we like to call it)

Birth rights come in 3 levels : Rare, Epic, and Legendary.

Rare: With the rare trait, the holder can create Puffer traits based on the fixed color and fixed emotion of their rare NFT. Conditionally, these newly created Puffers must have different traits than the ones already existing within the PFS collection or any other NFT collection. The Puffers created cannot be sold as NFTs or part of the PFS collection, they can only be sold as stickers, GIFs, communication tools, and endless sorts of merchandise and downloadables on the work-to-earn platform.

Epic: Epic PFS holders can create any emotion they want as long as it doesn’t already exist. With the Epic trait, there will be no need to comply with the emotion of the NFT when creating a product on the platform, only the skin color! So, holders have the right to use whatever emotion they please, again as long as it doesn’t already exist in the PFS collection. All Puffers created cannot be sold as part of the PFS collection or any other NFT collection, only as merchandise and downloadables.

Legendary: Only 1 PFS NFT possesses this trait and his name is Primo, the first Puffer ever created! The entire PufferSquad dynasty descended from Primo. The Primo holder has the ability to create any Puffer with any skin color or emotion they want also on the condition that they don’t already exist within the PFS collection. Now the Primo holder is the only holder that can create Puffers and add them to the PFS collection as NFTs.


– The Legendary Puffer can create colors, emotions, and traits.

– The Epic Puffer can create traits and emotions.

– The Rare Puffer can create traits only.


Rare and Epic PFS holders, as all other holders, do not have the right to create NFTs to add to the PFS collection nor create an NFT collection affiliated with the PufferSquad brand.


We Built it. It is done.

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Why buy it?

Use It

First NFT Art that can be used daily. The PufferSquad collection is full of emotions and inspiration. You can use your Puffer to express yourself. Images speak louder than a thousand words.

A Brand Where You Belong

PufferSquad is before everything a brand that we have been developing and marketing. You can now join us in this venture and make yourself heard.

Be Creative and Show The World

Fugu Nation developed a work2earn platform for the holders where they can create products using their PFS NFT and sell them. Expose the fruit of your creation to all the internet users in the world.

Generate Revenue

With your PufferSquad NFT you can also generate revenue just by being a holder and adhering to the programs we are launching (Stickers, GIFs selling and others). And by taking advantage of the Community leverage.

We Are on Opensea

The Squads are coming to invade your homes with cuteness & Beauty!



Here is your future website for nice gadgets for your homes, toys for your little ones, stationary & many more! Download Sticker Packs & use our GIF bundles for your marketing campaigns!


Road Map

Phase 1

Launch of the Work-2-Earn Platform

PufferSquad NFT holders can begin setting up their accounts via the Management Console on

Expected Date

4th Quarter of 2022

Completion Date

In Process

Phase 2

Creation of the 1st Sticker Packs for Holders

Anyone with at least three PufferSquad NFTs can request the creation of Sticker Packs, use them, or sell them on the platform.

Expected Date

4th Quarter of 2022

Completion Date

In Process

Phase 3

Launch of the GIF as a Marketing Channel

Holders have the option of joining the GIF selling program. Businesses will use the PufferSquad GIFs as a marketing tool.

Expected Date

1st Quarter of 2023

Completion Date

In Process

Phase 4

Launch of the Production Central

Fugu Nation will deliver a merchandise production center to help holders create the items they wish to sell.

Expected Date

1st Quarter of 2023

Completion Date

In Process

We Meet you

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Your support and belief in our work makes all the difference. We grow because of you.