Fugu Metaverse and NFT

In a few words

Fugu Nation is a digital agency that uses tokenization to empower ownership and capitalization, with the goal of building a community of individuals who are eager to adopt the collections we'll be releasing along the way. It is Rise Capital Geneva's digital division.


Our mission is to create a digital organization that disrupts the soon-to-be obsolete idea of conventional crowdfunding by leveraging the transformative potential of smart contracts, as we believe smart contracts are a better alternative to traditional crowdfunding via NFT projects and the Metaverse as a whole. Consequently, we developed this concept in order to capitalize on that power and establish our own value system.


We imagined a broader digital future in which crowdfunding, tokenization, and financial solutions take on entirely new meanings; where all of these digital ventures occur virtually to simplify the process of carrying out various types of online commercial activity. As a result of the utilization of these new digital tools, entrepreneurs stand to gain a significant competitive advantage.


The Fugu action plan is aimed at capitalizing on the strengths of the digital economy in order to empower ownership through the use of tokenization. Thus, by utilizing smart contracts and NFTs as a new form of crowd funding, we assist and support start-ups, existing businesses, and entrepreneurs in reaching their full potential. These digital tools provide far more financial advantages than the traditional economy.


We have created a tightly-knit community of NFT enthusiasts and early adopters who want to profit from the advantages of tokenization and capitalize on the competitive advantage it offers for startups and small businesses. This is a thriving community that will expand with each new collection we release. Members of this community will also be among the first to receive exclusive information, details, and access to all of our upcoming releases.


At Fugu Nation, we don't make empty promises, we only promise what we have already achieved. Seeing as our motto is "underpromise, overdeliver," everything we reveal has already been funded entirely, fully developed, and functional. We risk our own money to secure our holders' investments by financing our ambitious goals because we believe the NFT space is deeply flawed in terms of the idea that NFT projects expect their collection(s) to sell out in order to fund their roadmap, putting believers and early adopters at risk of a depreciating investment. Any project that we consider funding, tokenizing, or adopting must meet the same criteria. We will never help finance a theoretical idea which has yet to gain any traction.


We would also like to emphasize that regardless of whether our collections sell out, the holder will be able to benefit from the outstanding utilities provided by our collections. Our primary goal has never been to sell out, but rather to provide value to our holders from the very beginning.


Finally, Fugu Nation has already purchased a plot of land in the Otherside Metaverse, by Yuga Labs (founders of BAYC) upon which the Fugu Nation HQ will be built. Our community members will benefit from the exposure gained as a result of their association with Yuga Labs and their holders.


We don’t sell smoke; we sell solid value; digital deliverable utility.


We will never stop creating.

This is only the beginning...









Fugu! What does it mean?

Inspired by the Japanese Puffer Fish or “Fugu”, we gave our studio the name Fugu as we are inspirited by the Puffer Fish’s ability to create such beautiful art through hard work and dedication. When it comes to creation, the Puffer Fish is renowned as nature’s most skilled and passionate architect. Welcome to Fugu Nation, the embodiment of the Puffer Fish.

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